Yard Clean Up in Hurley, NM

Whether it be spring time or the end of summer, get some planning tips and ideas for cleaning up areas around your yard.


Plan ahead of time what needs to be cleaned. If there's too much to do at one time, divide it into several weekend sessions.


Get your tools in order to get the job done; wheelbarrow, rake, shovel, chainsaw, shears, loppers, etc.


Will you be hauling away the trash yourself to the landfill? Call ahead of time to get the dumping hours. Have a pick-up truck and/or trailer ready to fill and parked in a convenient location for loading. Rent any equipment if necessary.

Scheduled Hauling

Some communities have free curbside pick-up service as part of their garbage service. Take advantage of it. Find out ahead of time what can / cannot be thrown out, how big the pile and the pieces put on it can be, and when it will be picked up. Tackle the clean-up jobs that will require hauling to be done first so everything will be on the pile on the pick-up date. Save the other non-hauling jobs for later.

Be Safe

Mammals, reptiles and insects like to live undisturbed in dark, quiet places so always wear protective clothing and leather gloves when doing major yard clean-ups. You'll never know when you'll arouse poisonous spiders, flying/stinging insects like wasps or yellow jackets, or poisonous snakes. Keep phone numbers handy for animal control and an exterminator. Also, wear a mask if you'll be cleaning up dusty or moldy areas.

What To Clean Up

Clean up old wood piles. yard clean up in Hurley, NM. yard clean up in Hurley, NM. If those fireplace logs never got used and there are signs of dry rot or insect infestations, get rid of it. Use a long-handled garden rake to dismantle the pile as to maintain a safe distance from any creatures that might be living in it.

Pull up weeds while the ground is still workable after spring rains. If the ground is already too hard, give it a soak with the garden hose and do it the next day. Recycled bathtub water will work, too, if you want to do a bucket brigade.

Transplanting shrubs and roses is easier when the ground is still moist. Dig the target hole first, then dig up the plant to be moved.

Trim trees of interior branches to let in light and air flow. Neaten up over-grown shrubs, trim brushes.

If you don't have green waste pickup and you've been piling your grass clippings, remove the pile.

Get rid of the large cardboard boxes that didn't make it into the trash cans. Break them down, if necessary. You can also use them for neater haul-away of those grass clippings.

Get rid of rusted out BBQ grills, plastic swimming pools, nursery plant containers, and broken patio furniture.

If you're not going to use those leftover bricks and blocks laying on the side of the house, get rid of them or put a "free" sign on them. Someone will grab them.

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